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General Information

Hello Parents and Guardians of Our Fourth Graders,
We hope that you and your families are staying safe and healthy during this school closure. We miss you a lot and can't wait to see you all again:) We have provided a variety of resources for your student at the pages on the right sidebar. Your classroom teacher should contact you directly regarding which parts of this site you will use for your lessons. Also, you can access District learning packets (for your grade level), that is given out at food distribution points. 
There are many additional resources for you to explore as well to keep your student academically engaged, including virtual field trips, free educational website access, etc. There are many additional reading resources at the Mrs. Belikov's page and some great social-emotional resources as well at Mrs. Crowl's page. Please go see those as well to further enrich your time!
If you have any questions, please contact your child's homeroom teacher via email.
Mrs. Stathopoulos and Ms. Anderson